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Monday, November 28, 2016


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Peter Cancelli

Hi Melinda,
Latex works best for reliving pressure point pain and relaxing muscles.
Of them, all natural talalay latex is the best...longest lasting and cheaper in the long run, than anything else you can buy.
It's nothing like the pillowtop mattress you had previously.
An EverEden all natural 2" soft talalay latex topper does not diminish the underlying firm support of the mattress. It just makes the surface more comfortable.

You can waste an awful lot of money on cheaply made junk that doesn't work well or for long.
In doing so, you'll end up spending more, long term.
Here the link to what you need...what works and works well.

Your husband will enjoy it, as well.

Thanks, Pete

Important Note:
Moisture will cause mattresses to wear out faster.
Protect your mattress from accidents, spills & perspiration with our all natural silver infused cotton waterproof mattress & pillow protectors. They sleep cool and won't shrink when washed in hot water.


Website: www.themattressexpert.com
Email: themattressexpert@live.com
Phone: 856-874-6894

Melinda Pieczynski

I am in so much pain in my shoulder and hips since we purchased a new firm mattress 3 months ago to the point I can not even life my right arm and I am bartender. I see your recommendation but i my problem is my husband needs the firmer he was in similar pain for years with our old pillow top, he has been a roofer for over 30 yrs. So is there something I can do for just my side and less expensive ?

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