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Saturday, February 09, 2013


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Nice post. This is the correct advice a doctor can give to a back pain patient.

Brooke Cook

Right. I have my own fair share of back pains for years too. When you are an elderly, life seems to get more difficult as you age. For me, chiropractic made the condition better with a daily dose of enough rest and high quality-durable mattresses does the trick. Thanks for sharing!

Dr. David Kulla

As a chiropractic professional at Synergy Wellness I strongly suggest my clients to invest into a good quality mattress. Memory foam is the best way to go for relieving acute back pain......
Hi Doc,
I like your site.
My chiropractor and orthopedic surgeon agree that the key to managing back pain is to keep your spine in its natural alignment.
In doing so, your body has a chance to heal....not to mention the reduction in pain.
Since you're a fan of memory foam, and a health care provider, you should be aware that in recommending memory foam, your advice will result in increased pain and spinal damage.

Memory foam is a temperature sensitive material. It softens as it warms from your body's heat. You then sink where your heaviest. The result is a mattress that hammocks.
We find that young people, who have no physical damage, are the only ones able to tolerate this hammock support. However, if they use it long enough, they will develop disc problems.
People with pre-existing back problems, find that a memory foam mattress will increase their discomfort.

In addition, memory foam is comprised of more than 60 chemicals. Some of these chemicals off-gas and reports of respiratory problems are the result.
In short, Doc, it's dangerous stuff. Not only is it not conducive to good skeletal and muscular system health, it creates a myriad of other physical ailments.

There is an all-natural product that does what you think memory foam will do. It does is safely and long term. That would be latex.
In making latex foam, the allergen, (the protein), is removed. Latex is made of natural rubber and is extremely resilient, as well as providing comfort that is properly supportive...maintaining the natural alignment of the spine.

I'd love to make you an ally in promoting latex. It's been the best you can buy since the 1920s.
Like so many others, you seem to be caught up in the hype of memory foam. Promoting it is doing people harm, and I know that is not what you're about.

Here are the links to the memory foam category of our blogs. You can read the feedback from people who have made the mistake of buying memory foam
Click Here & Click Here

It isn't a question of latex being better than memory foam. That would create the assumption that they were both good, which isn't so.
Simply, latex is good. Memory foam is bad....very bad. I'm hoping you will reconsider the advice you give concerning the use of memory foam for health reasons.
All the claims that memory foam makes...nothing could be further from the truth.

Thanks, Pete

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