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Thursday, June 28, 2012


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Hi Pete, I seem to be having the same problem as Kim. My wife and I are both average weight people and my understanding now after having purchased our Simmons beautyrest lucetta (plush firm) is that firmer mattresses are for heavier people? I am a side sleeper and now having slept on the mattress for a few weeks I am debating returing it because of pressure on my sholders, back, and hip because I can't 'sink in' to the mattress enough. It seemed fine when I was in the store but I guess I needed to spend more real time on it.

Anyways, sounds like the 2" soft latex topper would do the trick and the mattress would still provide longterm support for years to come. however, I'm worried that the topper might slide around a bit and be annoying to adjust all the time. How do you recommend it be installed on the mattress. I have a cotton mattress cover over the mattress, should the foam be placed on this or directly ontop of the machiened finish of the mattress? Some websites have said put a non-skid felt tape on the bottom of the topper or even saftey pin it to the mattress. What are your thoughts?

Hi Eric,
I can tell you from my own experience that your worries are for nothing.
The latex topper is rubber. It sticks to the mattress and never needs to be adjusted or re-positioned.
Use your cotton mattress pad over both.
And, it will do the job you want it to do for the comfort and relief of pressure points...and do it long term.


Thanks, Pete
Phone: 1-888-732-5923

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