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Sandy writes:

We ordered a Simmons Beautyrest Black Brooklyn pillow top mattress but 
have not receivedit yet. I started playing around on the net and found 
numerous poor reviews. It seemed ok in the store. A bit firmer than I wanted , but
the very soft ones were too soft for my husband, so this was an
expensive compromise.I really want a pillow top for the cushioned
comfort although this one is not too cushiony, but I'm getting a lot
of bad vibes from the reviews. Should I cancel and if so what
brand/style do you recommend?

Hi Sandy,
The Simmons Black is among the best made mattresses on the today's market.
But, no matter how well a mattress is made, the pillowtops models are always a problem.
The upper layers of padding in the pillowtop are not tightly anchored to the edge of the 
mattress, so the padding will take deep body impressions quite easily..hence, all the 
I would suggest to you, that which my wife and I have at home...the Black Ansleigh in 
Plush/Firm with a removable pillowtop made of latex, which is the most comfortable and
 most resilient material on the planet. Latex is and has been the best material available
 since the 1920s.
It's hypo-allergenic...dust mite, mold and mildew resistant....and the best way to get what
 you want and have it last. Here are links to both products.


Thanks, Pete

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