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Debra writes:
Hello Mattress Expert,
I found your site and I'm really looking for any advice you may have.
Let's start with, my whole body hurts....I have back problems, I'm overweight and 5'10.  I have purchased 2 mattresses in my life for myself and have not liked either one.  I wind up tossing and turning and have never slept well regardless of the amount of money I spent.  It became pretty apparent that price does not = comfort - I purchased a bed for my daughter, which was less than mine and she has loved it and I must say I slept better on it as well (it was a pillow top - so I can make good decisions but haven't found the right mattress for myself.
My main question is this - I slept for 2 nights on a hotel bed (at the Seaport in Boston) - and slept amazingly!!  I purchased the pillow and vowed when I was ready for my next mattress to buy what they have but I'm worried because it says it is a 'hotel mattress' and I'm not sure what that means - longevity, comfort over the long term, size <4 inches difference?  wonder if you can provide any advice if this would be a good decision.
The kind of mattress is the Serta Presidential Suite Pillow top - CalKg - 3 pk.
What do you think  - how does a hotel mattress compare with a 'house' mattress?
Thank you very kindly in advance,

Hi Debra,

Hotels don't spend much on their mattresses, unless you're staying at the Waldorf Astoria.
This is a happy coincidence, given that Serta makes an inexpensive product. Go to any store that has Serta and other name brands. Compare their weight. You'll find that Serta mattresses weigh less. Look at the thickness at same price points. You'll see that Serta is, generally, thicker. Given that it weighs less and that mark-ups at the same store will be the same, the Serta will appear to be more mattress for the money. When you give them a heft, you'll know that it isn't. 
Hotel rooms aren't filled every night, as you master bedroom will be. Also, hotels don't keep their mattresses very long, unlike what you're hoping for with your next purchase.
So, forgetting all the hype you'll run into, and looking at this logically...relying, mainly, on your common sense....a mattress is an upholstered product that needs to support the weight of an adult....and not all adults are the same weight.
Your back needs firm support and your joints and pressure points require enough conforming softness to allow you to sleep deeply.
In days of old, mattresses were all firm, extra firm or super firm. Now, they are mostly plush.
The laws of physics come into play here. the softer the mattress, the heavier the person it needs to support, the shorter the life span. And unlike an appliance, for example, it doesn't wear out all at once. It begins to wear the day you begin using it.
Body impressions form, almost immediately. The softer the mattress, the heavier the person, the deeper those get...totally negating what you perceived as comfortable.
So, what's the solution in a mattress world full of soft, squishy beds? 
To achieve your goal, you'll need more than just a mattress. You'll need a firm mattress for support that holds you over a decent period of time...and, a soft latex topper. Latex is and has been the most durable and most comfortable material available for about 85 years. Not only is it comfortable, it's resilient. It's rubber.
This added resiliency that it brings to the mattress, absorbs much of your body weight, leaving less work for the mattress to do.
The result is long lasting comfort. Here are links to the mattress you should buy and the topper to go with it.
That mattress with 2" of soft latex foam is all the support and comfort you need, without having to re-buy again a year from now.

Thanks, Pete

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