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After more than 35 years in the mattress business, I've seen a lot of changes...and not for the better. Once, manufacturers strove to offer a quality product and retailers were focused on doing right by their customers. Today, profit seems to be only measure and substandard merchandise is the norm. Hype and buzz words have been substituted for genuine information. Large chains of mattress stores have risen like dragons to feed on the consumer, offering high prices with blitzing advertising telling you otherwise.

A mattress is a blind item and the average consumer relies on the salesperson to help them make a choice out of the thousands of mattresses available. But salespeople, for the most part, are trained to sell you the most expensive mattress they can get you to buy. On commission, their recommendations are often in direct correlation to the money they'll make from it. Too often, it isn't your best interest they care about. Most aren't trained well, in terms of product. And there are almost none that have any knowledge about how a given mattress will perfom in conjuction with any physical ailments you may have.

I was trained by a great man. His name is Fred Mazda. Mr. Mazda had been the mattress buyer for Wanamaker's department store in Philadelphia for many years. I met him in 1982 when I went to work for him as the owner of Nationwide Discount Sleep Centers. At the time, there were 4 stores. By the time I left in 1999, there were 41.
Fred use to visit me at the store I was working and sit with me for hours talking about the history of mattresses. He was also big on philosophy...the philosophy of how to run a store, how to take care of your customers...the fine points of human interaction with common respect as the basis for all of it.

In addition to this better than average training,
I began to notice a correlation between certain back conditions and the various mattresses. Through trial & error, and later, through a better understanding of the human body, I've been able to determine which types of support and comfort layers work best with the different types of back problems. Later still, I noticed the benefit of certain mattresses on other kinds of physical problems, like arthritis, fibromyalgia, hiatel hernia and many others. I took my observations and discussed them with my doctors and chiropractor. As a result of all this, we are able to get you into the mattress that's right for your particular needs.

We feature high quality alternatives to that which most stores are pushing.
Latex foam rubber is natural and thee most resilient upholstery material on the planet. There's nothing new about latex, although there have been some recent innovations. But basically, latex was introduced by the mattress industry in the 1920s and has remained the highest quality material available anywhere.
The stores are pushing memory foam and pillowtops. Both are designed to need replacing frequently. Most memory foam is toxic, made with formaldehyde and benzene, just to name two of the 61 different chemicals used to make it. It off gasses those toxic chemicals, which makes it a health hazard to every living creature in your home...not to mention that it doesn't perform well, at all. Avoid memory foam and pillowtop mattresses when you shop, and you'll avoid the majority of the problems you read in reviews.

RESEARCH. You have a computer. Use it. Buying a mattress at a store is like walking through a mine field. Do not buy your first time in.
Go home and research what you're buying BEFORE you buy it.

The purpose of this blog is to generate sales by conducting business in the old fashioned way....through trust. As a specialty store, we know our products and those of the competition. We are trained in the science of sleep. And, our knowledge of anatomy, in conjunction with how any given ailment will respond to any given mattress, sets us far apart from any other store of our type. And just like an old fashioned, small town hardware store, we will answer any of your questions and help you solve any problem...even if there is no sale to be made from it.

And, finally, protect your mattress and pillows from perspiration and moisture, and they will last a lot longer.
Moisture from perspiration causes premature wear.
Protect your investment with high quality, Waterproof Mattress and Pillow Protectors that sleep cool and don't shrink.

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